Sustainability at Trevors Foodservice

Trevors Foodservice understands the importance of having a responsible and sustainable business across all departments to help maintain and preserve natural resources, improve the health of our staff and customers, and continue to invest in resources for future generations.

Leading Plant Based Brands

We continue to increase our plant based offering to customers working alongside leading brands to ensure consistency and variety.

Investing in renewable energy & technology

Trevors Foodservice works directly with local authorities and suppliers to discuss the logistical efficiencies to ensure we are as sustainable in our operations, reducing our CO2 and waste.

Some of our work has included:

  • Rerouting delivery runs to minimise fuel usage
  • Reusing and recycling waste
  • Installation of over 200 solar panels
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting
  • Removing non-recyclable black plastics from our product range
  • Consolidating our supply chain to reduce the number of deliveries
  • Investing in hybrid / eco vehicles

Trevors Environmental Policy

Trevors Warehouses Ltd [T/A Trevors Foodservice] is committed to creating a better and safer environment. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment.

We began working alongside the Utility Forum in 2009 in order to address our carbon footprint. In more recent years we have also worked alongside Blue Castle Energy and Environmental Consultancy and currently work with Engie to continue with this work and enable sustained improvements in energy efficiency.

Please find our Environmental Policy below:

The Company aims to apply the principles of sustainable development, meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

The Company, its directors and employees will at all times comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment. We will develop, maintain and implement policies and procedures to continually assess and monitor the environmental impact of our operations, and aim to achieve continuous improvements.

The Directors shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy and will:

Incorporate in our environmental practices, the best available technology that is economically achievable.

Minimise the use of all materials and energy and not use any materials from endangered species.

Apply the principles of reduction, re-use and recycling wherever possible.

Commit to reducing its energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for climate changes.

Welcome the Government’s initiatives to develop the renewable energy industry and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Commit to reducing our water consumption wherever possible

Trevors Warehouses [Foodservice] Ltd is fully compliant with Waste Packaging Regulations.

Many of our suppliers promote ethical trading through the products they sell and we are proud to stock these products wherever possible.

The Company is fully aware of customer concerns regarding GM foods and does not knowingly stock any products containing GM ingredients.

Trevors Warehouses believe that as a business we have a responsibility to apply the principles of sustainable development. We make sure that we have a high standard of Health and Safety, and that we are performing in areas such as equal opportunities and environmental matters by employing dedicated teams with a commitment to best practice for our Company.

The Company, its directors and employees consider it our duty as a responsible business to comply with legislation and to do what we can with regards to the environment and the safety and satisfaction of our staff, our customers and the general public. In August 2008, Trevors Warehouses created an additional department within the business with specific responsibilities for matters relating to the safety and welfare of our staff, our customers and to our food operations, with a commitment to maintaining excellent standards and with a responsibility to developing our Corporate and Social Responsibilities.

We have taken advantage of government initiatives and have successfully worked closely with the Carbon Trust in reducing our Carbon impacts and to meet our social responsibilities. In 2011 Trevors Foodservice began working with Blue Castle Energy Consultants in a bid to further increase the focus we are giving to our environmental responsibilities and we are currently working with Engie in achieving the same.

We run all of our company distribution vehicles on diesel fuel, and regularly replace all company vehicles. We have Maintenance Schedules to cover our vehicles and on site equipment. Our supply chain software helps us to optimise business performance, to include delivery routes, which in turn minimises supply chain costs in addition to the environmental impact. We source and use local suppliers as much as possible outside of the Country Range listed suppliers. This not only helps us support our community but also reduces the energy wasted in deliveries. Equipment is maintained and if necessary, disposed of responsibly and in line with legislative requirements. A minimum drop value is implemented to aid in reducing any unnecessary food miles and delivery drivers are trained and assessed on their fuel efficient driving capabilities.

We minimise where possible the use of all materials and energy. We have an Energy Policy and action plan in place and energy monitoring is now active throughout the company by nominated Energy Champions, monitoring the everyday usage of electricity, and checking our utility bills. In March 2012 Solar Panels were installed, in addition to energy efficient lighting. Energy reports are provided monthly and analysed, so that Directors remain updated as to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. The Company is also fully aware of the government’s CRC trading scheme and we are fully compliant with the requirements.

We apply the principles of waste reduction, taking preventative measures to reduce waste output and to reuse and recycle waste wherever possible. All staff follow our waste paper/card and plastic recycling policy. We not only assist in creating recyclable products by using Smurfit Kappa to recycle our paper, cardboard and plastic, but we also source responsibly by using recycled materials, such as paper and sustainable timber. We do not knowingly use any materials from endangered species.

The Company is also fully compliant with Waste Packaging Regulations.

The Company is fully aware of customer concerns regarding GM foods and does not knowingly stock any products containing GM ingredients.