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Trevors at your (Food)Service…

Hello and welcome to the launch of our new blog page and improved website. If you know who we are, hello to you… if you have never heard of Trevors Foodservice, a special welcome to you, and if you keep reading on you might just get to find out everything there is to know about us. Maybe not everything…

Who Are We?

Trevors Foodservice is a family-run business which was first established in 1962 as Trevors Warehouses Ltd. Ken Hitchen, Chairman started out with a retail shop, from which he soon began offering a local food delivery service to the then-thriving local hoteliers, cafes, and B&B’s around Blackpool.

The success continued with the support of Gary Hitchen (Managing Director) and Dianne Whitehead (Director and Company Secretary) for their contributions in making Trevors Foodservice the leading catering and wholesale supplier in Blackpool and the Fylde coast. The support didn’t stop there… third generation and new driving force Matthew Hitchen (Purchasing Director) is carrying the legacy for the future.

A lot has changed since then and although we still deliver to some of those very same premises, these days we distribute to over 1300 customers, ranging from education sites, nursing homes and hospitals to restaurants, hotels, cafes and everything in between.

What We Do…

At Trevors Foodservice we work with the UK’s leading food and non-food suppliers to bring our customers everything they need to support their business and catering needs. All of the suppliers are BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited and have full traceability on all the products we sell.

We offer a wide range of chilled, frozen, and ambient foods, as well as all cleaning materials, catering disposables, and equipment, delivering across the North West and as far as Yorkshire. Our experienced buying team ensures that our customers’ favorite products are always stocked-up, while always on the hunt for the latest and best products.

Our customer range is extensive! We work with clients in Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Leisure, Workplace…to name a few.

Trevors Foodservice is also a member of the Country Range Group and has been for over 20 years. The Country Range brand is widely regarded as the best in food service, they provide you with value for money without compromise on taste or quality.

What We Are Working Towards

Being at the heart of Blackpool, having a strong community is a huge factor in what we do and how we operate. Covid-19 has instilled the importance of community and supporting each other. This is why during the pandemic Trevors Foodservices was one of, if not the first to create a food parcels initiative across the UK.

This initiative encouraged others into doing the same thing and supporting those in need. Part of our strategy moving forward is to place community and Blackpool at the heart of everything we do, because when things get tough… you can always count on the people around you to support you.

Sustainability and ethical buying is also a key area of focus at Trevors Foodservice, we recognise the importance of maintaining and protecting natural resources and understanding the different types of sustainability-conscious consumers so we can cater to all. By working on our sustainability efforts, we ensure that our communities are protected and healthy.

”We understand the importance of building long-term relationships with both our customers and suppliers. It’s this belief that keeps us competitive in offering an unbeatable service, with quality products at the right prices.”

Gary Hitchen, MD

How Can We Help You?

Our goal is to support and supply quality products to our local communities so they can educate, care, entertain, and feed the North West. Having an easy and smooth experience is important to us which is why our recently launched ordering site is so exciting for our customers, giving them the ability to:

  • Get the best deals and save money through our dedicated promotions section with some proper bargains
  • View all the new products every month in Categories and see what the latest lines are at Trevors
  • Access to product allergen, nutritional & dietary information, giving customers peace of mind

Whether you’re a cafe, hotel, sports venue, or any other catering business, we are here to support you and your catering needs…

How To Get In Touch or Contact Us

For more information on how we can assist with your catering needs and to get the best deals to visit our website or contact us on – 01253 393000

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