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BBQ Season with Trevors Foodservice Promotions

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As the BBQ and Euros football season approaches, Trevors Foodservice is pleased to announce an exclusive promotion running from June 10th to June 24th. Designed specifically for chefs, caterers, and food business owners, our BBQ offers are crafted to provide high-quality ingredients at unbeatable prices, ensuring your events are a resounding success.

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Promotion Details

Our comprehensive BBQ pack includes:

  • 6 Finest Pork Sausages
  • 6 ¼ lb. Beef Burgers
  • 4 Salt & Pepper Chicken Legs
  • 6 Peppered Steaks
  • 500g Hot ‘N’ Spicy Chicken Strips
  • 500g Plain Chicken Strips
  • 6 4oz Chinese Pork Steaks

Complement your BBQ offerings with a selection of beverages like Rubicon Mango, Vimto, and Pepsi, and enhance the dining experience with our premium sides and condiments:

  • Kara White Floured Baps
  • Country Range Mild White Cheddar Cheese Slices
  • Stokes Tomato Ketchup Sachets

Engage and Win

We invite our customers to showcase their BBQ skills by sharing photos of their BBQ creations on social media. The best creation will win a £25 Amazon voucher or credit with Trevors Foodservice!

Contact Us

To take advantage of these special offers, please reach out to Trevors Foodservice or visit our online ordering. Ensure you are fully prepared for the BBQ season and the Euros with our top-quality products and exceptional deals.

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