Our History

Trevors Foodservice is a third generation family-run business which was first established in 1962 as Trevors Warehouses Ltd.

Ken Hitchen, Chairman started out with a retail shop, from which he soon began offering the then thriving local hoteliers, cafes and B&B’s around Blackpool, a local food delivery service.

Our History


Company's Humble Beginnings

Trevors was founded in 1962 by Trevors Tasker, marking the inception of a remarkable journey.


The Arrival of Ken Hitchen

A pivotal moment in Trevors' history occurred in 1963 when a young Ken Hitchen, aged just 19, joined the company, bringing his enthusiasm and dedication to the team.


Becoming a Limited Company

This year also saw Trevors officially becoming a limited company, laying the foundation for its growth and stability.


Ken's First Investment

Ken's commitment to Trevors deepened in 1969 when he bought shares in the company, reinforcing his belief in its potential.


Gary's Early Start

In 1976, the company's legacy continued to grow as Gary, at the tender age of 7, helped his dad out at the shop.


A Step Towards Expansion

Trevors embarked on a journey of expansion in 1979 when it joined Nisa, a significant milestone in the company's history.


A New Era For Trevors Foodservice

Ken and Heather took a bold step forward in 1983 when they purchased the company outright, solidifying their commitment to Trevors Foodservice


Gary Joins Full-Time

In 1985, Gary joined the company full-time, adding his expertise and energy to the team at the age of 16.


Diversifying with Catering Cash and Carry

In the same year, Trevors expanded its offerings by opening a catering cash and carry section inside the Ribble Road shop, catering to a wider range of customers.


The Beginning of Deliveries

Mike Fradgeley became the company's first sales representative in 1986, marking the commencement of delivery services, a key milestone in serving customers more efficiently.


Venturing into Foodservice

In 1988, Ken and Heather opened their first foodservice warehouse on Cameron Avenue, showcasing its commitment to providing quality products to foodservice establishments.


Gary's Appointment as a Director

Gary's dedication and contributions were recognised when he was appointed as a director of the company in 1989.


Dianne's Appointment as a Director

In 1990, Dianne was appointed as a director, bringing her knowledge to the leadership team and family


Expanding the Product Range + A New Location

In 1992, Trevors expanded its footprint by taking over a catering shop, Ice Cold, and Caterers Choice, broadening its product offerings. The company relocated to the Squires Gate Industrial Estate in 1993, setting the stage for further growth and accessibility.


Joining CDA (Country Range)

In 1997, Trevors joined CDA, later to become Country Range, enhancing its offerings and networking within the industry.


Relocation to a bigger site

The year 2002 marked another significant change when Trevors moved to its new location on Chorley Road, allowing for more efficient operations.


Dianne's Key Role

In 2004, Dianne assumed the crucial position of company secretary, contributing to the company's continued success.


Matthew Joins the Team

In 2014, the company welcomed Matthew at the age of 16, continuing the tradition of family involvement and dedication to the business.


Matthew Becomes a Director

Matthew's dedication and contributions led to his appointment as a director in 2019, ensuring the company's continued growth and success.


Celebrating 60 Years

Trevors marks its 60th anniversary in 2023, a testament to its enduring commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.