1. Trevors Foodservice Christmas list 2022

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    Here are some of our fantastic products that are on trend and offer variety to your winter menu.

    This year we’re happy to reveal our Christmas range that will inspire and maximise your offering to customers. With the effects of staff shortages many establishments have decided to only offer streamlined menus, cutting back on waste.

    While there’s a bigger focus on cutting cost there are many things you can do to elevate humble ingredients and create show stopping dishes for consumers looking for “something different”.

    Christmas Centre Plate

    When it comes to Christmas, the roast takes centre stage. From festive vegetables to delicious meats, you can shop and find the right ingredients for the big day. 

    Our fresh meat is sourced locally from our leading butchery supplier, giving you options and flexibility, including turkey crowns, supreme cuts of beef and sensational roast pork. Why not bring versatility to your menu with our sweet potato roulades, vegan sausages and stuffing mixes.

    ‘Almost a third of eating out consumers describe themselves as flexitarian in 2022’

    The Food People

    Seasonal vegetables new to the range include our portioned Potato Dauphinoise, roasted potatoes with duck fat and sweet honey roasted parsnips.

    Not forgetting Christmas staples that bring the whole meal together, Button Brussel Sprouts, a range of carrots, sweet cranberries and vegan suitable gravy’s.

    Christmas Starters & Small Plates

    Inspirations this year come from nostalgia, cost savings and the growing trend of asian cuisine. Add mini pie selections, prawn cocktails bites and delicious uk sourced cheeses to bring tradition to the table. 

    Our mozzarella sticks, savoury eggs, mini tartlets and tasty gluten free cauliflower bites provide a great opportunity for cost savings while offering table favourites.

    The rise of Asian cuisine allows you to bring bold flavours to your customers like our duck spring rolls, jackfruit filled Bao Buns, Salt & Pepper Squid Chunks.

    Christmas Desserts

    End the meal with luxury and indulgent desserts new to the range including our Black Forest Trifle Cheesecake or award winning Country Range Jaffa Mountain Cake.

    Our portion sized offering saves cost and waste, why not try the NEW Premium Frozen Chocolate Praline & Profiterole Desserts and bring something different and in season with Raisin & Cinnamon cheese from Carron lodge.

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    Opening Times

    In the run-up to Christmas, chefs and caterers across the foodservice sector will be busy preparing for the festive period. Our order placement & delivery schedule will vary for customers in Blackpool and Lancashire.  

    Please download our Christmas delivery and opening times from our website to avoid disappointment and to place your order in time for Christmas. 

    Oil Collection

    If you find yourself with excess oil and don’t know what to do with it, get in touch with us. 

    Arrow is our nominated service provider to remove the used cooking oil from your unit as and when required for free. 

    Avoid drain blockage and help the environment. Call us today to find out 01253 393000 or email

    Trevors Foodservice Promotions November / December

    This Christmas, find the best deals on some of our outstanding and award winning products including a fantastic range of desserts, party foods, and Christmas tableware.

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    If you would like any additional support or you just have a couple of questions to ask, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Merry Christmas